A Short Guide to Term Papers – Plus Topics

Choosing the right term paper topic is the most critical factor that affects the outcome of your term paper. Most term papers require a thesis to begin with, and in the pursuit of creating a good thesis, you must choose a good topic.

Interesting term paper topics make for interesting term papers, while boring or overly simplistic term paper topics often lead to poor results. Your term paper topic should interest you so you have the motivation to work hard, and it should have enough detail or scope to allow for an in-depth investigation and analysis – a list of term paper topics is provided here to help you out.

The Research

Research is an important part of your term paper formulation. You need to have a firm grounding in the topic, and unless the topic is historical, your understanding should cover contemporary thinking, ideas and attitudes, as well as potential future issues and matters of importance.

Discovering new things and developing your knowledge and understanding of an important topic is always exciting. While you research, remember to keep your mind open to new information, ideas and points of view. It is a common mistake to come up with a conclusion too quickly – wait until you have exhausted all primary and secondary sources of information before planning your thesis.

Planning the Paper

The structure of the term paper is the standard introduction, discussion and conclusion structure. The introduction should include your thesis statement and begin with something that will hook the reader. The main body provides the main analysis and discussion, gradually adding to the authority of your thesis statement. The conclusion reasserts the thesis and gives the reader something new and interesting to solidify their understanding, and something to go away thinking about.

50 Term Paper Topics

  • Public healthcare is a bad idea
  • How does mass media affect society
  • The media has too much power
  • Immigrants do not integrate well
  • It is immoral to abort
  • Have societal attitudes towards age changed?
  • Same-sex marriage should be allowed
  • Problems in the American judicial system
  • There should be no bias/political affiliations in the media
  • Social divides have never been greater
  • The effects of colonialism in Africa
  • The U. S. has a population problem
  • Does the U. S. A. have a dominant singular culture?
  • Prisons are ineffective at preventing crime
  • What factors are responsible for youth violence?
  • Alternatives to prison
  • The U. S. A. needs to change narcotics legislation
  • The sexualisation of children
  • We should be concerned about sexually-active teenagers
  • Free speech should never be restricted
  • Relationships between India and Pakistan
  • Affirmative action and race relations
  • Improving race relations in the U. S.
  • Is crime amongst minors on the increase?
  • The probability of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe
  • Should Japan open its boarders?
  • Causes of the Gulf War
  • The effects of population growth
  • The right to die: the case for
  • How bad is the abuse of welfare?
  • The right to die: the case against
  • The U. S. is avoiding the climate change debate
  • Medical care should not be provided to veterans
  • Psychological problems with combat
  • Can a war ever be good?
  • The new covert war on terror
  • Private schooling should be banned
  • Censorship is justified on occasion
  • Freedom of speech and expression is a fallacy
  • There is a relationship between crime rates and ethnic groups
  • The causes of the sub-prime mortgage crisis
  • Do “brain train” games actually provide benefits?
  • Technology has led to the decline of morals
  • Organ donation should be made obligatory upon death
  • Junk food should be highly regulated
  • Is there any such thing as free will?
  • Is U. S. policy towards nuclear weapons suitable?
  • Should the U. S. continue its role as military protectorate?
  • Does nurture affect future sexuality?
  • Adoption should be encouraged more