Informative essay topics

Informative essay topics

Informative essays are a specific essay structure used to lay out a response to an essay topic without opinion. They simply outline a subject or topic area, both sides of an argument or situation, without an argument to sway the reader in either direction. Just like a story in a newspaper, the essay should be factual and communicate the facts of the subject.

Approach to reporting the facts

Informative essay topics are easier to choose from since they rely solely on the author doing thorough research and reporting their findings. However at the same time, they can be difficult to write considering that no opinion or feelings should be included within the essay, and sometimes that can be harder than it sounds, especially if you have strong opinions about the subject. For informative essay topics it’s therefore often best to choose a topic you know you will be able to remain unbiased for and report on the facts of the situation. Informative essay topics should also be chosen considering the amount of information, data and statistics available, since you will need a great deal of this in order to support your statements, showing that you are reporting the facts.

Breaking down the data

Once you have your topic, approach identified and conducted your initial research a great way to start is to list out all of your important findings and supporting data. Then by linking them together, organize them in a logical way to form an essay outline and first draft. Once that’s done you can go back to the beginning and work through to identify any new important points that have emerged, gaps, or other data that you need to include. Finally, editing is important to make sure your writing flows in an easy, readable way that makes sense, as well as reviewing punctuation and grammar.

These are 50 suggested informative essay topics to help get you started:

  • The emergence of democratic government
  • Election processes
  • The spreadable nature of the common cold
  • The impact of Facebook on the communication generation
  • Volunteering
  • Fuel efficiency and alternatives
  • Raising money for charity through sporting events
  • Putting a stop to bullying in schools
  • The impacts of war
  • Trends in urban homelessness
  • Effects of regular soft drink consumption
  • Increase in online music sales
  • Life in jail
  • Apprenticeships
  • Learning a trade
  • The tradition of the school uniform
  • Workplace stress
  • Education evolution
  • World’s largest countries by capita
  • Eat healthy
  • Most popular holiday destinations
  • The role of every day vitamins
  • The human race and exercise
  • The written word
  • Voting trends in the developing world
  • Airport security post 9/11
  • Banned advertising
  • Diverse Africa
  • Bullying laws
  • The growth of cheap labour in the developing world
  • Rights and privileges of civil couples
  • Emergence of cyber crime
  • Fast food and obesity
  • Right to vote
  • 21st century feminism
  • Gym culture
  • Relevance of national anthems
  • Illegal immigration since 1945
  • Children’s use of the internet
  • North Korea stands alone
  • Surgical tourism
  • Spread of smoking ban
  • Making vaccines available
  • Minimum wage
  • European Union enlargement
  • Workaholics
  • Value of budget airlines
  • The origins of make-up
  • Entrepreneurism
  • DNA