Descriptive essay topics

Descriptive essay topics

It is hard to write custom essays mainly because you have to identify the type first and then determine how to proceed with it. In case your teacher has asked you to write a descriptive essay, you should always have a plan of action first and write later. The most important thing here is to pick one of the best descriptive essay topics, as failing to pick a write topic will keep you from turning in a great essay.

A Bit More about Descriptive Essays

If this is the first time for you to write a descriptive essay, it is obvious to have certain questions in your mind. However, it shouldn't be that difficult if you know the basics and have some clues about selecting one of the most suitable descriptive essay topics. A descriptive essay will always ask you to describe a particular person, event, or anything else. Depending upon the topic, the essay could be extremely simple or extremely complex; therefore, there is nothing more important than putting the first step in the right direction.

Finding the Right Topic for Descriptive Essays

At the time of selecting a topic for your descriptive essay, you should keep a few important things in your mind. For instance:

  • Always bear in mind that your essay will work only if the topic you have selected interests you a lot. You will be writing so many pages, and you will soon lose interest if the topic is boring or you have selected something just to impress your teacher.
  • Always consider your audience when picking a topic and writing about it. Make the complexities of your topic a bit simpler, as that's the basic goal of writing a descriptive essay.
  • Always select a topic that has enough information available or you will end up wasting a lot of time in looking for enough evidence.

If you're still in a quandary, here are a few useful topics for you to consider.

  • Explain the impact of alcohol dependence
  • Describe how a toddler would see the world
  • Explain in detail what physical culture is all about
  • Explain the party system present in politics
  • Explain in detail what parliamentary democracy actually means
  • What you want to become in life
  • Something about your obsession
  • Describe a bit about obedience
  • Describe the value of newspapers
  • Explain everything about national defense
  • Describe a bit about nationalism
  • What national integration actually means
  • Describe your feelings during your first interview
  • Explain your goals in life
  • Explain the atmosphere at the annual day function
  • Talk about an event in your life
  • Explain what multi party system actually means
  • Describe the meaning of any popular phrase
  • Explain how it feels to live in a village
  • Describe everything about life in a big city
  • Explain how it feels to live in a hostel
  • Describe your experience in the boarding school
  • Share your thoughts if you were a millionaire
  • Describe what would your thoughts be if you were a scientist
  • Describe how would it feel if you were a dictator
  • Describe the finest ways to judge literature
  • Describe what curtains are not better than blinds
  • Describe your time at …
  • Explain the view from…
  • Give details of different traits of reality TV contestants
  • Share how your parents influence your life
  • Explain how it felt as a bridesmaid
  • Write in detail how you felt on your first day at work
  • Describe how Jews live in a concentration camp
  • Explain the differences between a typewriter and a computer keyboard
  • Describe your visit to a different country
  • Write about your favorite movie star
  • Describe what traits make a politician better than the others
  • Explain what makes a movie star more popular than TV stars
  • Share your experience of living as a heroin addict and then leaving it
  • What your favorite movie is and why
  • Share your experience to visit the lab for an x-ray
  • Describe how can one make a pizza at home
  • Share details of a dangerous experience
  • Details about your neighbor
  • Describe why you like a teacher
  • Write what triggers anxiety attacks
  • How it felt when you tried bungee jumping for the first time
  • Explain the difference between communism and fascism
  • Explain what makes 'Holi' the world's most colorful event