Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics

The aim of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader that your opinion on the topic is the truth and they should change their mind about the subject. This type of essay takes a great deal of skill as you will need to present the reader with reasons why they should see things as you do.

As the writer of a persuasive essay you will need to outright convince the reader that they should feel the same emotions about the topic as you. Persuasive essay topics are great for students who love to express their opinion and to persuade others. If you have a particular interest or passion for a subject then make sure that you write about that.

Focus your argument

The writer of the persuasive essay should only have one focused opinion on the topic. This is so that they can aim to get this point across simply. They will be able to focus all of their opinions and arguments and avoid jumping from point to point.

It is important to remember not to get too carried away when writing the essay. At the end of the day it is still a graded piece of work and will need to be written well. Spilling all of your views onto the page does not necessarily mean you'll get a good grade. You will need to back up your opinion with facts, and write it in a clear and concise way. A persuasive essay can be a pleasure to write if you have properly planned it, have good reasons for your argument, and include an introduction, body of the text and finally a conclusion.

Topic ideas

Here is a list of 50 great persuasive essay topics, make sure you chose one you are interested in and have an opinion on.

  • Everyone should learn to swim
  • Should cannabis be legalised
  • Should everyone be allowed to vote
  • College should be free to attend
  • Every 16 year old should have to serve in the army for a year
  • Students should have to take languages
  • The driving age should be raised to 21
  • Students should be given cash rewards for getting good grades
  • Students shouldn't have to take exam
  • Schools should ban fizzy drinks and sweets
  • Girls should be allowed to play on the boys team at sports
  • Teens should be banned from buying violent video games
  • Everyone should go on holiday once a year
  • Gambling should be banned
  • More people should eat a vegetarian diet
  • Why we should have a Monarchy
  • Why we shouldn't have a monarchy
  • Unemployment
  • The value of newspapers
  • Career choices
  • Peace not war
  • People should shop in local towns
  • Everyone should go to college
  • You should be able to leave school at 15
  • Home schooling
  • College life and school life
  • Why you should have an education
  • Community service
  • Death sentence
  • Superstitions
  • The value of collecting items as a hobby
  • Streets in your home city
  • Should healthcare be free worldwide
  • Should people who illegally download be punished
  • Should schools offer healthy options for lunch
  • Should students be allowed to listen to music in class
  • Should people be allowed to keep monkeys as pets
  • Bike sharing programs in cities
  • Punishments for not recycling
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Should gay marriage be legal
  • Should all children be breast fed
  • Best movie ever
  • Best book ever
  • Reasons for exercise
  • Smoking in public places
  • Should testing be done on animals
  • Should there be school uniforms
  • Should the legal drinking age be lowered