Narrative essay topics

Narrative essay topics

Narrative essays are often quite difficult to write, especially if you don't take yourself as a good storyteller. You have to use the right combination of facts and creativity to make your narrative essay read great. Like other types of essays, there will also be a start, a body, and a final paragraph, but the difference is that the last paragraph will not be a conclusion - it will be an analysis. Even if you have complete information about the structure, you will fail to make an impact if you don't know how to pick one of the most impressive narrative essay topics.

If you make a hasty decision and don't pick the right topic, you will have a hard time finding enough information on this. Similarly, it is important to pick such narrative essay topics that are neither too narrow nor too broad. It is due to this particular reason that some students look for specific suggestions before they finalize their topic.

It is also possible to see students making use of specific resources to find a topic that would help them explain things with ease. Here, it is important to avoid picking a topic that you don't feel like writing on; instead, pick a topic that keeps you motivated and passionate about writing. You should also try to pick a topic that would help you write while giving a definite timeline, as this will help you create a better ending point.

The good thing about narrative essays is that you will have the freedom to write in the first person - this is usually not the case when you write other types of essays. Still, you can make an impression with your writing only if you have selected one of the most attractive and attention-grabbing narrative essay topics.

In case you need some inspiration, here you go with a few great topic choices for you to write a convincing and interesting narrative essay.

  • My last day at school, college, or university
  • If I were a politician
  • If I were a doctor
  • If I were a dictator
  • If I were on Mars
  • My first day at school, college, or university
  • My first day as football coach
  • My first day at work
  • My first experience of watching a flick in cinema
  • My first bus-trip to a remote area
  • Watching a football match live in stadium
  • Meeting my favorite movie star
  • An evening in Paris
  • A trip to the museum
  • A typical day in my life
  • My childhood memories
  • How I learned to ride a bike
  • A night out with friends
  • My career as fashion designer
  • My first stage appearance
  • How I lost my credit card and managed without it
  • The day I met my favorite celebrity
  • The day I shook hands with the President
  • My first day at dance school
  • How I learned spear fishing
  • My family traditions
  • What would your pet say if it start to talk
  • I ran the first marathon of my life
  • I love my neighbors because...
  • I don't like my neighbors because...
  • The plot of my favorite romantic/adventure/scary movie
  • The day I got my very first baseball bat
  • The day I got my head shaved for the first time
  • I dyed my hair red
  • A dream about being in the middle of an earthquake/hurricane
  • The day I created my very first blog
  • The day I delivered my first speech in school
  • How I learned French
  • Write about the plot of a particular computer game
  • If I were a superhero
  • If I were the principle of my school
  • My first day at a tutoring center
  • My first bicycle ride
  • When I visited the dentist
  • The best gift I received from my father
  • How I broke my ankle
  • How I overcame dust allergy
  • I was scammed online
  • The best advice I received from...
  • The history of ...